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The BELLUS is our latest road helmet combining HJC’s latest technology and a trendy design. It provides maximum performance in every environment with efficient airflow and aerodynamics.

The BELLUS is the first model to adapt HJC’s SLID technology (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution) to minimize the rotational impact on the brain in the event of a shock. With Integration between the latest design and technology, the BELLUS will appeal to broader customers with satisfaction.

HJC developed a safety component by adding a special GEL material. SLID is located in the helmet interior to reduce the amount of energy delivered to the brain by providing rotating function. The advanced GEL material inside the SLID liner has flowable properties. This allows minimal impact forces and energy to the brain by dispersing impact.

Feather Light

HJC bicycle helmets are designed and engineered through precise measures to have the lightest weight possible. Density, placement, shapes and materials all play a part in weight optimization.

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M (55-59cm)