Northwave Sunglasses


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The Northwave Team Sunglasses are built for comfort and value, but with some great features you find on top models. These sunglasses from Northwave’s Sport Line come with 3 lenses including spare clear and orange sets. A great choice for the rider looking for a piece of eyewear they can rely on for those long days in the saddle. The water repellent, off-centre, polycarbonate lenses ensure that these are comfortable, and practical.

FrameAdjustable nose pads for the perfect fit
LensesLenses are made from polycarbonate to five first-rate optical features, excellent impact resistance and extraordinary lightness. Polycarbonate lenses also have a low refraction index and are scratch resistant. Of- centre lens, the axis of the lens is aligned with the focal point of the eye so your eyes won’t get tired during use

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