ODI Troy Lee Designs MTB Lock-on Grips


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Two of the most iconic brands in cycling have joined forces to create some stunning new Lock-On Grips. When you talk grips then you have to mention ODI and when you say style, one name is always at the top, Troy Lee.

Check out the pimpest grips about to hit your handlebars and a patch of dirt near you this summer..

ODI and Troy Lee Designs have collaborated to produce the ODI/TLD Lock-On Grips.

These aren’t just another grip with a logo on it…these have been specially designed with the following design features:

We’ve enlisted the help of our good friends over at Troy Lee Designs to help put an artistic spin on a quality design. After hundreds of drawings and designs, we’ve developed the most innovative grip yet. Troy’s the kind of guy that will make you throw all of your conventional processes out the window in order to make something for the World’s Fastest Racers. With that, we introduce the ODI / TROY LEE DESIGNS LOCK-ON MOUNTAIN BIKE GRIP. Quality and Innovation that can only be found by combining two World Leaders.

Design Features:

  • Grooved Channels prevent mud and water buildup
  • Overmolded flap gives added protection on outside clamp
  • Unique Undercut pads give slim comfortable feel with the ultimate amount of grip
  • Custom flanged design provides hand support with more usable grip surface
  • Etched inside clamp provides clocking system to assist on installation

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