Powerball Supernova


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: ACC175 Κατηγορία:


A shockwave of pure energy! No bigger than a tennis ball, Powerball is a unique upper body exerciser, developed by NASA. PowerBall delivers a fun, powerful and unique workout experience. It develops strength, speed and dexterity in the fingers, arms, hands shoulders and wrists. Ideal for sportspeople, gamers, musicians, fitness fans and recovery from injury.

The extraordinary new Powerball Supernova, with its sapphire white and ice blue LEDs on a clear rotor revolving within a crystal clear shell, is truly a design classic and will exceed the very highest expectations of Powerball fans all over the world once they experience its silky smooth movement.

Put its rotor in motion experience the stunning blend of sapphire white and icy blue LEDs which come alive as you spin and glow even brighter as the speed of the rotor builds… faster and faster…up to a point where it is thrashing and jerking furiously, literally exploding with inertia and almost impossible to control!

An inbuilt digital computer on the outer shell offers you complete control over how fast (or slow) to operate the ball and archives important data like the highest achieved speed (really important when challenging mates to a Powerball showdown… anywhere… anytime…)