SHIMANO Deore Pedals PD-M8000 (XT)


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Shimano Deore XT SPD XC PDM8000

New Shimano Deore XT SPD M8000 XC 2016 are designed to be more efficient pedaling and thus achieve a more soft and comfortable pedaling.

Maximum efficiency of pedaling XC competitions.

  • The new 2016 XT pedals have achieved 7.7% more contact between pedal and shoe, opposite the area of pedal / shoe last XT Model (PD-M780) contact.
  • The new form is wider silver 2.8mm and 0.5mm narrower compared to the PD-M780, so eficacicia lograndi better pedaling.
  • The anchoring system has a design repellent mud.
  • Retaining clips provide a latch / soft release.
  • Adjustable tension and release anchor with 8mm allen.
  • Chromoly axle durable and molybdenum.
  • Unit sealed cartridge axle low maintenance.
  • Weight: 339 g (pair)
  • SPD Cleats it Included