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XTR RT-MT900 Center-Lock Disc Rotor

The design of the Shimano XTR RT-MT900 disc brake rotors is a further development of the successful ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA design. While the further weight reduction of 5g and 10g is particularly attractive for the 140mm and 160mm discs, the 180mm and 203mm versions are characterised by a further improvement in heat dissipation of 20°C in intensive tests and are also pleasantly low-weight (203mm: minus 30g).

Features – Shimano XTR RT-MT900 Center-Lock Disc Rotor

  • Stable and versatile brake performance in the most demanding conditions
  • High-performance and consistent brake performance
  • New ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction for boosting heat dissipation
  • Lockring type with internal (Internal Serration) or external (External Serration) toothing

Product features

  • Use: MTB
  • Group: XTR M9100
  • Model: RT-MT900
  • Disc mount: Center-Lock
  • Pad compatibility: Metal / Resin

Diameter (choose variant)

  • 140mm intern (RT-MT900-SS)
  • 140mm extern (RT-MT900-SSE)
  • 160mm intern (RT-MT900-S)
  • 160mm extern (RT-MT900-SE)
  • 180mm intern (RT-MT900-M)
  • 180mm extern (RT-MT900-ME)
  • 203mm intern (RT-MT900-L)
  • 203mm extern (RT-MT900-LE)

Lockring type with internal or external tool holder!


  • Rotor: Stainless steel / Aluminum
  • Lockring: Aluminum


  • serial color

Weight (manufacturer information)

  • 90g (140mm)
  • 108g (160mm)
  • 133g (180mm)
  • 149g (203mm)

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


160mm, 180mm