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Mesh sleeveless jersey

The SIXS mesh sleeveless jersey is the product for those who need minimal, fresh and lightweight clothing.
Thanks to GRID-TECH technology, the mesh lies between the skin and the clothing on top to prevent annoying chafing and create cushions of fresh air that reduce the sensation of the skin “suffocating” under the garment.
The polyamide fiber with its extremely low specific weight is able to absorb the skin’s moisture to leave it fresh and dry.



The products of the SIXS Underwear Light line are suitable for all sports undertaken in high temperature conditions.Worn in direct contact with the skin and underneath normal sports clothing, these garments keep the skin always dry because they eliminate moisture and the consequent feeling of dampness. Now thanks to the Underwear Light line underwear will no longer be an optional, even on muggy days. By avoiding sudden chills (due to sweat or damp fabric in contact with the skin), comfort will always be guaranteed while considerably reducing muscle injuries.

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